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Shipping Charge Range by Couriers (Delivery within 15 business days)

(Higher shipping charges may apply to orders greater than US $1,500.)

Location Cost
Domestic (in Canada) US $25-35
USA US $45-100
Europe US $65-125
Middle East US $85-125
Australia / SE Asia US $100-150

Insurance Charge

Order Size Cost
For every $100 or part thereof US $3.50

Custom Charges

Any additional custom charges are the responsibility of the client and will be billed to the recipient.

Pricing Information

Prices shown are net and are subject to change without notice. All warranties and liabilities are limited to the refund of the purchase price shown on the invoice within 90 days only.

1) LinBit - Sustained Release Insulin Implants (For Diabetic Mice Only)

Pack Code Contents Price
Assay Pack As-1-L 20 Insulin Implants
US $ 430.00
Project Pack Pr-1-B 50 Insulin Implants
US $ 1,035.00
Reserve Pack Re-1-T 100 Insulin Implants
US $ 1,995.00
Blank Control Pack BN14-C 40 Blank Palmitic Acid Micro-Crystal Implants
US $ 510.00
for Implant Insertion
G12-SS One pair, for implant insertion
US $ 45.00

2) Linplant - Sustained Release Insulin Implants (Regular Dose For Animals)

Not for drug use (Direct sales only to scientist, pharmaceutical company, and licensed breeder.)

Pack Code Contents Price
Lehren Pack LHR-10BV 10 Insulin Implants
US $ 390.00
Research Pack RES-14PC 40 Insulin Implants
US $ 1,530.00
Institute Pack INS-B14 100 Insulin Implants
US $ 3,750.00
Blank Control Pack BLK-OPA 20 Blank Palmitic Acid Micro-Crystal Implants
US $ 435.00
for implant insertion
G12-SS One pair, for implant insertion
US $ 45.00

3) Linplant Clinical Pack (For Human Therapy)

Not available in Canada/USA or where prohibited

Pack Code Contents Price
Clinical Pack
RH14-2mm 20 monocomponent human insulin (rDNA origin) implants (including trocar for insertion)